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This is Abby, a 5 month old Shepard. She is working on her Advanced Obedience skills and is already walking off leash in just her third class. This was achieved through the dedication and hard work of Owners to help her succeed

This is Cookie one of our newest graduates at K-9 Specialist.
He has completed his Basic Obedience Course with huge success.
His owners were almost ready to give him up due to his out of control, headstrong destructiveness. His behavior has made a drastic change for the better with much less stress and anxiety in the home.

Luke Lien

I can't say enough good things about Paul.

If this is tl;dr... Then just know that Paul is the best, in my opinion.

We have a four year old standard poodle. (About 50 pounds.) I contacted Paul after seeing an ad on facebook. Our dog is wonderful, but when we walked she pulled a lot on the leash and that made things difficult on everyone.

We did the lessons hoping that after six hour-long lessons, we might have her loose-leash walking on a regular basis. Paul helped us with the training techniques and we were able to have her walking loose leash after only one lesson. It's worth mentioning that his techniques are almost 100% positive reinforcement with every method used explained thoroughly beforehand. 

After three weeks, we were able to walk with her off-leash completely. (She still has a small training leash, required by law.) After our last lesson, we walked "off leash" and had our dog sit in a cul-de-sac as all three of us were able to walk about 50 feet away without her moving an inch. After that, she immediately came when called.

I can now run in my neighborhood with my dog right by my side with only her small training leash. She doesn't roam around... She knows that she's in what Paul calls "work mode". Paul taught us how to consistently work with her so she is very focused, but then we can "break" whenever we want and she can go into a more relaxed mode.

All this said, everyone's results will be unique based on the dog and the owner and the amount of effort one is willing to put in. However, I feel that as far as dog and people trainers go, Paul is among the very best. When we decide to take the next steps with our dog or if we had any other dog to train, he's the only number I'd call.

Whoo Hoo!!! Miss Dallas got her vest and ID today ... Thank you so much Paul Dibonaventura / K9 Specialist for the awesome job training my wild child!!!

Betty Bullen

     We would like to take a moment to offer a sincere “Thank You” for your time and effort training our German Shepherd Bogie, as well as training us. The improvement is remarkable! We have had several other dogs trained via 2 week offsite programs in that past and the results were nothing compared to the magic you performed with Bogie.
     We knew from the initial assessment visit that you “have what it takes” to provide the results we were looking for. Your ability to bond with the dog, communicate with us and the dog, and explain how and why certain things work while others do not is invaluable. Our lessons learned have not only made Bogie “a better dog” (read: family member), but has made us better owners for him.
The tricks and tips you offered throughout our training journey were not only valuable then, but we utilize bits & pieces on a daily basis. Our time with you has changed the way we interact with Bogie and for that we are truly grateful.
     We do intend to follow-up with the additional training you mentioned and are looking forward to that.
Interestingly, Bogie still watches for you on Monday evenings after dinner.
         Thank you for your sincere efforts, care & concern, and professional approach to everything!

Veronica Smith Kubacky (Flower Mound,Texas)
Thank you Paul for making a difference in our rescue baby (Ramsey)... Always looking forward to more future training days.
Steve and Michelle Rinkevich  (Lewisville, Texas)
Marlo is definitely coming along nicely and we're very proud of her, great job Paul!

Carol Mary Gonzalez ( Keller, Texas)
I am a senior citizen, on fixed income, who decided at my age to get another doberman . I knew I would need a lot of help training this dog. She would constantly on walks jump up and play bite. After several trainers whose classes I attended I decided to do some research on trainers. I finally called K-9 Specialists of north Texas. Paul Dibonaventura came to my house spent about an hour with my husband, myself and our dog. Since we are seniors we were concerned about the cost of the six classes that would be done here at our house. We signed up and have never regretted one minute doing so. On the second visit all the baby gates in the house were gone. Money so well spent. He uses great techniques which helped me a whole lot because I am not that strong. We think the world of Paul , he is a great trainer and a wonderful human being. If you are thinking of getting a trainer for your puppy or older dog these classes are reasonable and results happen quickly. Thank you Paul, we love you

Dawn Ventre Pupula ( McKinney, Texas)

Paul has been working with our 7 month old German Shepherd, our dog is listening and obeying thanks to Paul's amazing training!

Jessica Hall ( Addison, Texas)
Paul did one session with my Boxer Dozer today and what a wonderful difference it's already made! Love it!

Christian Rodriguez (Dallas, Texas)

Thank you K-9 Specialist for training my Lucas!! you are the best..

Carol Gonzalez  (Keller, Texas)
If anyone is looking for a great trainer Paul is excellent. I have been through a lot of trainers. I like his style. This man truly loves animals and they love him.

Lisa Gammon (Cross Roads, Texas)
They are very reasonable priced, and will work with you on the price. You get a lot of great training and learn a lot. I would definitely give him a call, you get a free evaluation. Paul is a great trainer, trained my mother in laws dog and will be training ours.

Mary Hernandez (Fort Worth, Texas)
Price is more reasonable than anyone else I have checked into and after just one lesson I am no longer get dragged through the neighborhood on walks. Well worth the time, call.

Phil & Theresa (McKinney, Texas)

TheLiana Family (Allen, Texas)

 "The Liana family celebrating Poma's graduation, it took K-9 Specialist to train Poma in 10 weeks to walk off leash and obeyed all commands. Thank you to The Liana's for giving K-9 specialist the opportunity.

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