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Another satisfied client, thank you for the comments from Mrs Bissell ( Flower Mound, Texas)

We took Nitro to Home depot today! Nitro did amazing he healed, sat, lay down, and even let some folks say hello without being super excited. Paul is an amazing trainer! I highly recommend him, for his understanding, patients, and love for our four legged family members. Nitro is on his way to be an amazing therphy dog! 
Paul thank you for all you do!

A new review from a client...

Name Scott Corbin

We saw an advertisement in a magazine for K9 Specialist at just the right time. Our Doberman was about 4 months old and still a wild little guy with no training. We called and Paul came to our house for a consultation. He evaluated our dog and our needs based on what we told him our lifestyle was like. The trick was that our 12 year old would needto be the master as it was his dog but our family would also need to be able to command him. Immediately, we began to see the success of Paul's teaching strategies. Our dog used to pee a little with excitement when people came over and Paul helped us quickly break him of that. When we have dinner or guests over, we can put him in his 'place' so that we can visit and he can rest comfortably. We used to have to wrestle him to get into his kennel but after Paul's training our 10 year old daughter can do it. He is a much calmer dog now with rules in place. When people come over they are astonished with his progress and obedience. Anyone in the family can walk him (instead of him walking us). It is really a pleasure to see our 12 year old command his ~90lb dog. Paul also would tell us of what we can expect our dog to do to try to avoid obeying or things that he would likely do because of his age. Paul had the safety of our children in mind and really worked to make our dog a cohesive member of our family. All of this (and more) would not have been possible without Paul. We really love Paul and recommend him to any of our friends as his strategies really work and it is obvious that he cares for the dogs and their owners relationships.